Terms And Conditions
...of the practitioner

1. In these Terms and Conditions references to the 'Practitioner' are to the person who will provide the services to you, the 'Client'.

2. In general, the only service to be provided by the Practitioner is the completion of the Client's tax return for the relevant tax year and any work that is necessary in order to complete the return. However, the Practitioner may agree, in his discretion, to provide to the Client other services listed on SimpliTax's Menu of Services. We would point out specifically that, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Practitioner shall not provide any tax advice or other assistance. If the Client needs advice or assistance which the Practitioner cannot provide, he will, if possible, refer the Client to someone else. However, any recommendation or referral by the Practitioner (or SimpliTax) can only be made without responsibility on the part of the Practitioner (or SimpliTax).

3. The Practitioner will use reasonable care, skill and effort in completing the Client's tax return and in providing any other agreed services, within the timescale agreed with the Client. However, the Practitioner's obligations are subject to the Client providing him with the information necessary to complete the return and in doing so in sufficient time for the Practitioner to be able to meet the agreed time limit. The Client must provide the Practitioner with all information relevant to the completion of the tax return in accordance with the Practitioner's guidance (if any), and he must ensure that such information is accurate and complete.

4. The Client will appreciate that the SimpliTax service is a low cost service. It is therefore necessary for the Practitioner to limit his liability to the Client to the risks and amount for which he is insured under his professional indemnity ('PI') insurance policy. This limit on liability will apply to any and all loss or damage arising out of the performance by the Practitioner of services to the Client including misrepresentation, breach of contract and negligence or otherwise. We would point that this limit on liability shall not apply to death or personal injury caused by the Practitioner's negligence.

5. The Client must pay the Practitioner for the completion of a tax return after completion by the Practitioner of the return, but immediately prior to its delivery to the Client. The Practitioner shall not be obliged to deliver the return to the Client until payment has been made in full in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Payment for any other service shall be made as agreed with the Practitioner.

6. Payment shall be by cheque with the full amount due covered by a current banker's card, or cash, may be accepted.

7. The fee charges for SimpliTax services and these Terms and Conditions may be altered at any time but any alterations shall not affect any existing contract between the Practitioner and the client.

8. Client confidentiality shall be maintained at all times. Information provided will be used only for the purpose of the Client's tax affairs. No information shall be disclosed to any third parties without the Client's prior written consent, unless the Practitioner has a legal duty to disclose the information. The Client should note that information provided by the Client to the Practitioner may not be covered by legal professional privilege.

9. The Practitioner is not an agent or employee of SimpliTax Limited and all services provided to the Client are provided by the Practitioner as principal. Accordingly, there is no legal relationship between the Client and SimpliTax Limited and Simplitax Limited shall not be liable or accountable to the Client in any way.

Returns Checklist
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To ensure efficient processing of your Self Assessment tax return by your SimpliTax consultant you will need to provide the relevant documentation mentioned in the checklist above.