How can Simplitax expertise help you

Every SimpliTax consultant is a former Inland Revenue employee. Each has been carefully selected and trained to:

• prepare your return on time
• ensure you claim all tax relief's and allowance
• accurately calculate your tax liability
• help you meet your new responsibilities
• help you avoid fines
• advise you of dates and amounts of any tax payments

Standard Tax Return Service for £149

The Practitioner undertakes to:

• Prepare the Return on time
• Ensure that all relief's and allowances are claimed
• Accurately calculate your tax liability
• Advise you of the amounts of, and dates on which, your tax duties are to be paid.

The Standard fee covers income from employment, benefits in kind, pensions, State Benefits and Tax Credits, income from up to six shareholdings, unit trusts or quoted securities below the annual exemption limit. Income from Unapproved Employee Share Schemes.

Full Tax Return Service for £385

This service involves acting as your full time agent, dealing with all tax matters on your behalf. The Service includes:

• Everything in the Standard Service


• Income from shareholding, unit trusts etc. up to twelve holdings
• Income from letting up to two properties
• Income from Foreign investments and securities, up to six holdings
• Capital Gains / Losses on up to twelve transactions in quoted securities
• Checking your Tax Code to ensure the correct deductions from your salary
• Correspondence with the Inspector and relevant third parties, on your behalf

Tailored Tax Return Service, Repayment Claims & Other Services (individual quotes apply)

Additional services are available on request e.g. Self Employed Accounts, Partnerships, Inland Revenue Enquiries / Investigations. Your Practitioner will be happy to provide a quotation before undertaking any work.

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Returns Checklist
Download the checklist

To ensure efficient processing of your Self Assessment tax return by your SimpliTax consultant you will need to provide the relevant documentation mentioned in the checklist above.